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Electronics Recycling

Do you have outdated electronics sitting around your home or business? It seems like we all do, since computers and TVs are becoming obsolete quicker than ever before. Once you purchase new electronics, you're left with a decision of how best to handle the removal of your old equipment. Many popular electronics also contain elements and chemicals that need to be disposed of properly — and even donated or recycled when appropriate.

At QuickFix Junk, we understand how important it is to quickly, politely and carefully remove unwanted items — such as electronics — from your home or business. With just one call, we are happy to provide you with a telephone estimate of the cost, or even schedule a time to provide a firm, in-person quote. As soon as you're ready to move forward, we will take care of everything for you — handling the removal, transportation and proper disposal. We'll even donate or recycle your old electronics when appropriate.

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Electronics We Pick Up:

  • Computers, Servers & Monitors
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Stereos & Speakers
  • Telephones
  • Televisions (TVs)
  • VCRs & DVD Players
  • & many more

Electronics Recycling Is Popular Among: