Appliance Removal

Do you have an old refrigerator, dishwasher, oven or other appliance that needs to be hauled away? Appliances can be surprisingly heavy and some require specialized equipment to carefully remove them from your home, rental property or business. Additionally, our earth's ozone is harmed by chemicals found in many old appliances — so we take important steps to carefully manage their disposal in an eco-friendly way... Read more »

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Electronics Recycling

Do you have outdated electronics sitting around your home or business? It seems like we all do, since computers and TVs are becoming obsolete quicker than ever before. Once you purchase new electronics, you're left with a decision of how best to handle the removal of your old equipment. Many popular electronics also contain elements and chemicals that need to be disposed of properly — and even donated or recycled when appropriate... Read more »

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Estate Cleanout

Senior households typically need cleanout services when downsizing or closing out their estates upon passing. We understand how challenging these situations are and strive to make the process as stress-free and painless as possible. Our founder, Ricky Bruni, started QuickFix Junk after his parents moved from their home of fifty years. Going from a large house to a 700-square-foot apartment meant there was a lot unclaimed stuff that had to go away—ranging from good usable items to pure junk. Bruni realized that other seniors and their families were facing a similar situation with few people they could trust to provide the services they needed... Read more »

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Furniture Removal

Do you have an old couch, loveseat or recliner in your basement or garage? Almost everyone has an unwanted piece or two of furniture that is taking up valuable space. Some furnishings can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move — potentially putting you at risk of hurting your back or falling while getting them out of your home... Read more »

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Garage Cleanout

Do you miss being able to park in your garage? It's so easy for a once clean garage to be overtaken — by everything. Storage containers start stacking up, broken appliances start moving in, and slowly your car's once spacious parking is overcome by things that your family doesn't use. Take charge with QuickFix Junk and we will help you eliminate all the junk that has accumulated in your home's garage... Read more »

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Piano Removal

Pianos are among the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture that most families own. You can easily reclaim that space in your home. If you have one that you would like safely removed, contact QuickFix Junk. Plus, if your piano is usable and a charity is interested, you can choose to get a donation receipt from your chosen charity... Read more »

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Yard Waste Removal

Do you have an old shed, hot tub or playground equipment that you no longer need or want in your yard? Kids grow up, hot tubs wear out, and sheds rot away. Sometimes the sheer size can make an item's removal tricky. QuickFix Junk has the tools and expertise to safely dismantle these structures so they can be hauled away and disposed of properly.  We want to be good stewards of our environment so all recyclable materials are taken to the appropriate vendors instead of the landfill... Read more »

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