Junk Removal Prices in Birmingham, AL

We determine your price by calculating the actual cubic foot volume of the items we put in our truck. We are happy to provide an estimate over the phone. While at your home or business, we'll be able to provide you a firm written quote. Your quote includes all labor, fuel, broom clean up and final haul away. There will be no surprises. Look below to get an idea of how we calculate prices. Occasionally there are variables resulting price in adjustments, such as how far away we must park, the difficulty in removing the items from the property or unusually heavy or bulky items. QuickFix Junk is licensed, fully-insured and ready to help with any of your questions.

Pricing Matrix

Our truck holds 1,024 cubic feet. That's a whole lot of junk — and more than most.

Minimum: $125.00
Up to 200 cu/ft: $1.45 per cu/ft
200 to 300 cu/ft: $1.20 per cu/ft 
300 to 400 cu/ft: $1.10 per cu/ft 
400 cu/ft or greater: $1.00 per cu/ft

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Average Cubic Feet of Typical Items

Three Seat Sofa: 55 cu/ft
Love Seat: 40 cu/ft
Arm Chair/EZ Boy: 25 cu/ft
King Mattress/Box: 40 cu/ft each
Queen Mattress/Box: 25 cu/ft each
Double Mattress/Box: 20 cu/ft each
Twin Mattress/Box: 10 cu/ft each
Dresser (Large): 20 cu/ft
Dresser (Medium): 15 cu/ft
Bookcase (5 shelf): 10 cu/ft
Bookcase (3 shelf): 6 cu/ft
*Refrigerator: 50 cu/ft 
Stove: 20 cu/ft
Washer or Dryer: 20 cu/ft
Dishwasher: 15 cu/ft
File Cabinet (Large):10 cu/ft

How To Calculate Your Item(s)

To calculate cubic feet, multiply the Height" X Width" X Length" and then divide by 1,728".

Example: Refrigerator 70" X 36" X 34" = 85,680 / 1,728 = 50 cu/ft

As noted on Junk We Take, some items are subject to surcharges. For example, all appliances containing Freon (CFC’s) have an up-charge of $25 to have its Freon removed and certified by a licensed specialist. We can not take hazardous materials, paints, or flammable items.

If you want us to provide you an estimate, contact us at 205-276-1845.

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