Everyone accumulates stuff they no longer need and will probably never use. Whether it is general clutter or items not worth moving to the new place, QuickFix Junk takes it out and hauls it away — quickly, safely, and affordably. No job is too small or large.

General Clean Outs:

As attics, basements or living spaces reach full capacity, it is usually time to start elimating junk. QuickFix Junk makes it easy and stress-free. Just call or email us and we will happily provide you a free estimate over the phone or via email. At your home, we can measure the volume of items and time involved — and provide you a firm written quote. When you're ready to move forward, we will quickly and safely haul everything away. No job is too small or large. QuickFix Junk is fully-licensed and carries general liability insurance. 


We understand that it can be overwhelming to downsize to a smaller home or senior living community — and stressing over what to do with the leftovers. Once you have decided what to keep, call QuickFix Junk for what's left. Our associates will take care of everything for you. As an added bonus, we sort all of the items and donate usable items to local charities — send you the donation receipt — and then recycle whatever we can.

Estate Cleanouts:

We specialize in helping families and personal representatives close out estates. We understand how stressful and emotional it is to distribute and liquidate your loved one's belongings and treasures. Harder still is what to do with the unwanted leftovers. QuickFix Junk will handle this for you — which allows you time to focus on other estate matters. We always leave the space clean, tidy and broom clean.

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QuickFix Junk understands that landlords, property managers, and REO contractors must lease or sell vacated properties quickly. We specialize in removing previous tenant's junk, merchandise and fixtures — so you can focus on leasing the space fast.

Property Managers:

Whether you manage office, retail, apartments or SFR's it is critical that vacated properties be put back in service as soon as possible. QuickFix Junk will cleanout and haul off all their abandoned items so that you can focus on leasing the space and servicing your exiting tenants.

We take just about anything that's left behind — including office furniture, equipment, shelving and storage, electronics and kitchen appliances. We will leave your space empty, broom clean and ready for your contractors to do whatever they need.

Real Estate Agents:

The owner of QuickFix Junk has over 20 years of previous experience as a licensed Realtor and mortgage banker. He understands the stress of listing properties that are cluttered or worse. We also know that sellers are often overwhelmed on moving day and leave behind stuff they agreed to remove. Call us for those last-minute cleanouts before the new owners or tenants arrive.

Whether you need "staging" centric clutter removal or a total house cleanout, QuickFix Junk can accommodate your request. When making listing proposals to owners with too much clutter, please let them know that in addition junk removal we can also move their overflow to a storage unit for future retrieval. This service is typically cheaper than a "POD" and they don't have to do the work themselves. QuickFix Junk will also tear down and haul away old sheds, playground equipment, rotting fences, hot tubs, above ground pools, decks and gazebos.

REO Managers:

QuickFix Junk does total cleanouts on foreclosure properties so that you can focus on securing and listing the property. We understand time is of the essence and these properties need to be serviced and secured immediately.

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Light Demolition

QuickFix Junk provides light demolition services. We specialize in taking down storage sheds, playground equipment, hot tubs and deteriorating fences. We also dismantle unstable decks, gazebos and above ground pools. Once we're done, we haul away all of the debris — leaving you with a cleaner yard.

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