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Piano Removal in Birmingham, AL

April 20, 2017 by Ricky Bruni

Classic upright piano

What do you do with that piano you no longer want? It may be a family heirloom, a starter piano bought in anticipation of nurturing a child virtuoso, or perhaps it came with the house. Once they are no longer loved, or used regularly, they atrophy quickly. Research shows that pianos should be tuned annually ($90-$175) and older pianos often require a “pitch raise” treatment ($100-$150) before tuning can even commence. Refinishing any piano is costly ($2,000-$7,500) depending on size and condition.

Sadly, there is a very small resale market for old pianos. A client recently hired me to remove his baby grand and a non-functional “player” piano. He said he had spoken with Ellis Piano in Birmingham about their thoughts and they said that by the end of the month they would be taking 20 uprights and an equal number of Grands to the landfill for disposal.

I have called almost every Birmingham area charity to see if they would take an old piano if I delivered it to them. The answer has been no. They are too heavy, take up too much space, and sell very poorly. Suffice it to say they won’t pick them up either.

I see many people at on-line trading sites offering their pianos for free (or very cheap) to anyone willing to pick them up. A potential downside is that prospects likely don’t have the proper equipment to safely remove the unit or minimize floor damage. Older piano’s metal casters are usually rusted, gouge wood floors, and can even break tiles when moved across them. 

It breaks my heart to tell people that their beautiful vintage pianos are basically outcasts. No one really wants them but they often have great sentimental value. Even though most end up in the landfill they can have a second life.

Try a google search on “repurposed pianos”. Crafty people have done some amazing things with pianos. I have seen them converted into desk units, bookcases/display units, yard art/planters, and I myself converted one into a piano bar (which can be yours for a mere $800).


If you finally decide to hire someone to remove your piano, please consider QuickFix Junk. We have the equipment and strong backs to safely handle the task. As long as there are fewer than 7-8 stairs, we are very capable and reasonably priced. The typical fee is $175-$275 depending upon the logistics involved. On average we remove 7 pianos per month — and they still keep coming.

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