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Is A Birmingham Dumpster Service Right For You?

April 17, 2015 by Ricky Bruni

Birmingham Dumpster
Dumpster parked on a Birmingham, Ala. street

Since it can save money, some people in Birmingham choose to have a dumpster delivered to their property — rather than opting for full-service junk removal. We’ve outlined several things to review before choosing what works best for you:

Dumpster Benefits:

  • The unit cost can be a little lower when dealing with large volumes of junk 
  • You can take more time removing your unwanted junk and clutter

Dumpster Challenges:

  • You have to do the work yourself when removing junk
  • Neighbors may complain about the sight of your dumpster over time
  • Neighbors may throw their stuff in at night or when you are away
  • Weight may add to the upfront expense
  • Positioning the dumpster and potentially blocking access or damaging your lawn/driveway

We chose five different providers in the Birmingham area to gauge their price range as of April, 2015. For comparison purposes, we received several quotes based on a 20 Yard Dumpster and delivery to zip code 35223.

Prices ranged from $270 with a $3 daily fee and $35 charge per ton – to $441 with 5 days and 4 tons of material included. Please check with your preferred vendor for the latest pricing.

Birmingham dumpster services we received the quotes from:

Budget Dumpster: 205-545-8310
Cox: 205-417-7099
Orange Box Service: 205-235-5052
Trash Taxi: 205-419-4005
Waste Management: 855-336-2279

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