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Downsizing Tips For Your Home In Birmingham, Alabama

July 21, 2015 by Ricky Bruni

QuickFix Junk owner, Ricky Bruni, helping a customer downsize in Birmingham, Ala.
QuickFix Junk owner, Ricky Bruni, helping a customer downsize in Birmingham, Ala.

We help people get rid of items they no longer need or want. I started QuickFix Junk after moving my parents from their home of 50 years to a retirement community. Due to space constraints, they could only take a small percentage of their belongings. My brother, sister, and I were given many nice things. There was, however, a lot of stuff that remained unclaimed — and it had to be removed prior to selling the house. Usable items were donated to local charities, recyclable items were taken to the appropriate vendors, and tossable items went to the landfill. If you need any help with the junk removal, QuickFix Junk can help you.

Here are some "downsizing tips" based on my personal experiences and speaking with senior advocates:

  • Downsizing is emotionally and physically stressful.  Don’t try to do it in one mad dash. Make a room-by-room list of what you "must have."
  • Take only what you need and plan to actually use. Give overflow items to family, friends, or donate them to help others.
  • Stand firm on your yes/no determinations.  Avoid the "maybe" trap. If an item has not been used, viewed, or enjoyed in the recent past it should be excluded from the move.
  • Make an accurate scale drawing of the new space — most independent living communities and apartment complexes can provide one — and determine which furniture best fits and serves your needs.  A space-hogging grandfather clock or massive dining room suite will usually just get in the way. The rarely used extra chair probably should not take up your limited space.  Your guests will make do, when needed.
  • If you have collections or multiple pieces of similar items — pick the best or your favorite. Gift the remainder to family and friends. Be sure to take pictures so that an electronic photo album can be created and visited whenever you like. Slide show photo frames are great for this.
  • Develop a system for fairly and consistently distributing items to your family. Make sure everyone gets something that is special to both of you. Write out the history of the piece and any special memories you have of it.
  • Acknowledge that we all have things that we don't need or want. I often encounter clients who have stored their children's treasures for years only to find that they have absolutely no interest in it. The same goes for your things. If you don't need it, and the kids don't want it, consider donating to local charities to help others. You can also have a garage sale or hire a company to handle it for you.  If you have privacy or security concerns about a yard sale contact QuickFix Junk to discuss the services we offer. 

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