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4 Powerful Tips To Help Eliminate Clutter At Home

January 21, 2016 by Ricky Bruni

tips for eliminating clutter from your home
Stop losing the battle to clutter in your home.

Most of us are losing the battle against clutter accumulation. If we’re not tripping over boxes or swerving around piles of junk, we’re frustrated by overstuffed drawers, closets, or entire rooms. For most, clutter is taking up valuable space, which could be better used. So what can we do? Below are four powerful tips that have worked for many.

1. Stop waiting. Start eliminating. Clutter builds up when we ignore what is happening. The simple truth is that every instance of clutter build up is a decision delayed. Almost all of us readilly justify waiting until “tomorrow” to get rid of this or put that away. To break the cycle, you need to first purge what is on hand. Then, going forward, it is critical to justify every item we bring into the house. Don’t wait. Just do it.

2. Start with one small area and fix it. The cold turkey method works and is scalable. It’s ok to start small. Pick an overstuffed closet. Next, gather three bags and a trash can. The first bag is for items that go into storage for future use. The second bag is for items to sell, give to family, or donate. The third bag is for items that you actually need or use regularly – and they will be properly put away for easy access. Your last choice is the trashcan and it should get most of your attention. Get rid of any item that does not belong in one of the three bags. When you have finished sorting, put the storage items in clearly labeled boxes in a designated space that is out of the way but accessible. The giveaway/ donate items should be taken out of the house and quickly delivered or scheduled for pickup. The trash bag(s) should be sealed, taken outside for pick up, and never thought about again. It is important that every item you touch be placed one of the four receptacles — there is not a fifth category!


Tip: When eliminating clutter, it is important that every item you touch be placed into one of the four recepticals — there is not a fifth category!


3. Safe zones are your best bet. Cutting down on clutter at home takes effort and there is no way to live 100% clutter-free. However, there are ways to slow down that continuous build-up. Establish “safe zones.” For example, when you don’t have time to hang your clothes, chose one acceptable place – such as a chair – to toss things on. But just that chair. If you have kids at home give them a designated basket to store their toys and other items until they can put them away. The same goes for books, magazines and craft supplies. Once the safe zone is full, it’s time to purge and use the four bag method  we mentioned earlier.

4. Pick a spot and stick with it. The most positive thing we can do to overcome clutter creep is to break bad habits. Have a designated space for everything. For example, be sure to put your keys, wallet, mail, newspapers, sporting goods, and other items in their designated spot – rather than spreading them around in multiple locations. This not only helps keep you organized, but will help you quickly realize when action is needed.

In a perfect world, it would be great to follow an “In & Out” System. Simply said, for any new item, say a shirt or pair of shoes, one shirt or (gasp !) a pair of shoes needs to be moved forward. Consider donating usable items. Granted, this is an extreme system but it is guaranteed to eliminate future clutter.

If all of this seems overwhelming, you can always call us at QuickFix Junk and we will remove anything you want gone. We donate all usable items to local charity in your name and send you the donation receipt. Recyclable items are taken to the appropriate vendors and the remainder goes to the landfill.

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